1. fabricate, manufacture, produce, mint; construct, build, assemble, set up; erect, elevate, raise, rear, put up; mold, form, fashion, model, shape, frame; create, invent, originate, devise, contrive, compose, write, put together; cast, block, hammer, forge, sculpture; draw, trace, figure, stamp, imprint.
2. effect, cause, bring about, accomplish; execute, carry out, render, do, perform, practice.
3. appoint, name, designate, nominate, tab; assign, select, Mil. detail; elect, vote in, place in office, install, invest, Obs. ordain.
4. organize, develop, embody, beget, engender; lay down, enact, establish, institute, found, originate, base; settle, determine, decide, conclude, seal; define, 698limit, delimit; stabilize, ground, plant, implant, install.
5. fix, prepare, concoct, Inf. whip up, Inf. throw together, cook up, cook.
6. convert, transform, metamorphose, transfigure, transmute, transubstantiate, transmogrify; change, alter, modify, permute, modulate, inflect, mutate.
7. compel, coerce, force, press, drive, constrain, pressure, oblige, hustle, railroad; impel, urge, impress, provoke, exhort, cause, require, exact, necessitate; draft, conscript, commandeer; persuade, induce, prevail upon, insist upon; apply pressure, Sl. lean on or against, armtwist, twist [s.o.'s] arm, put the screws on or to, Inf. strong-arm, put the heat on, squeeze.
8. gain, acquire, obtain, secure, get; procure, gather, garner, glean, reap; (all usu. of wages) earn, clear, Sl. pull down, pocket, bag; gross, net, Inf. take home.
9.Often make of
account for, explain, interpret, understand, construe; consider, deem, think, adjudge; look upon, view, regard, contemplate; spell out, decipher, unravel, decode, elucidate.
10. estimate, reckon, judge, gage, gauge, compute, calculate.
11. serve as, do the part of, answer for.
12. deliver, utter, pronounce, declare, put forth, recite.
13. reach, arrive at, get to, land at or on, attain.
14.Informal. go, leave, move, proceed, travel, journey.
15. make as ifor as though
Informal. pretend, act as if, feign, affect, seem, pass off as.
16. make away with
a. steal, filch, rob, pilfer, purloin, finger, pick, Inf. snitch, cabbage, abstract, Chiefly Brit. prig, Euph. borrow; shoplift, palm, Sl. boost, walk off or away with, Euph. remove; All Sl. heist, pinch, hook, swipe, hustle, rip off, frisk, crook, cop, lift.b. destroy, kill, slay, slaughter, end, put an end to; murder, dispose of, Sl. do in, Sl. tap; assassinate, get rid of, mow down, do away with, Inf. wipe out, remove.c. consume, devour, eat up, swallow up, gulp down; finish, finish off, Sl. polish off, Inf. pack away or in, Inf. put away or down.
17. make believe
pretend, act as if, imagine, fancy, dream, envision, picture, Inf. feature; fabricate, invent, concoct, romance; conjure up, conceive, idealize, visualize, envisage; simulate, personate, affect, assume, suppose.
18. make boldor so bold
presume, take the liberty, dare, venture, be so rash.
19. make do
get along or by, scrape along or by, manage, Inf. make out, survive, eke out.
20. make for
a. go toward, head for, aim for, steer for, be bound for, steer a course for; approach, near, move closer to, draw nigh to, edge closer to.b. attack, lunge at, charge, rush, storm, raid, assault; set upon, pounce upon, descend upon, fall on.c. facilitate, favor, promote, subserve, forward, advance, contribute to, conduce to.
21. make good
a. make up for, compensate for, offset, make restitution for, make amends, recompense, repay, requite, remunerate, recoup; square, settle, set right, rectify, remedy, correct; restore, reintegrate, make whole, repair, mend, renew, rejuvenate, reconstruct, recondition.b. succeed, do well, prosper, flourish, win, triumph.c. fulfill, realize, accomplish, carry out, be as good as one's word, deliver the goods.
22. make known
reveal, disclose, divulge, let out; tell, relate, impart, mention, let fall, let on, communicate; inform, Inf. tip off, bring to the ears of, acquaint with; announce, proclaim, declare, publish, report, send word.
23. make like
Slang. pretend to be, try to be, imitate, simulate, personate, impersonate, act like.
24. make merry
celebrate, feast, banquet, junket, carouse, revel; Inf. party, Inf. live it up, Sl. paint the town red, do the town, have one's fling, sow one's wild oats; sport, disport, amuse oneself, play pranks; gambol, frolic, caper, romp, frisk.
25. make much of
a. amplify, magnify, exaggerate, hyperbolize, overstate, make the most of; embroider, heighten, color; accentuate, emphasize, stress; make a stir about, make a big deal out of, make much ado about, make a mountain out of a molehill.b. cherish, dote on, pamper, cocker, coddle, cosset, indulge, pet, humor; flatter, blandish, cajole, Inf. soft-soap, Inf. butter up.
26. make off
run away or off, flee, take to one's heels, make a quick exit, Inf. take off, Inf. clear out, Inf. make tracks, Inf. cut out, Inf. cut and run, Inf. fly the coup, Sl. split, Sl. scram, Sl. hightail it; make a getaway, beat a retreat or a hasty retreat, Inf. beat it, Inf. skip out, Inf. skip town, Inf. skedaddle, Sl. skidoodle, Sl. skido, Sl. vamoose.
27. make off with
carry off, steal, filch, rob, pilfer, make away with. See make(def.16).
28. make out
a. write out, complete, fill out.b. establish, prove, show to be true, substantiate, evidence, support, back up; authenticate, validate, certify, confirm, verify; attest to, affirm, corroborate, aver.c. discern, see, behold, perceive, cognize; observe, notice, catch a glimpse of, espy, descry, detect, discover; decipher, figure out, ascertain, determine; distinguish, pick out, recognize, d.. imply, suggest, insinuate, hint, intimate, indicate, impute, e.. Informal. manage, get along or by, scrape along or by, survive, fare, eke out, make do; fare well, succeed, prosper, thrive, come through with flying colors, f.. Slang. kiss, neck, pet, fondle; romance, Inf. spoon.
29. make over
a. alter, remodel, redo, redecorate; amend, improve, better, ameliorate; touch up, brush up, brighten up, polish; correct, emend, rectify, restore, repair b. transfer, convey, Law. alienate, transmit, assign; sign over, turn over, bequeath, leave, pass down, hand down.
30. make sport of
make light of, laugh at, scoff at, ridicule, guy, Inf. roast, make a fool of, jeer at, gibe at, mock, fleer, deride, parody, travesty, burlesque, make game of; play with, toy with, trifle with, make fun of, poke fun at; tease, Inf. kid, badinage, chaff, pull [s.o.'s] leg, Inf. josh, Inf. rib, Inf. rag, Inf. fun, Sl. put [s.o.] on, Sl. jive.
31. make up
a. constitute, form, compose, weave, fabricate, construct, frame; put together, compile.b. concoct, brew, invent, hatch, coin, forge; devise, contrive, project.c.Also make up for
compensate for, offset, recompense, make good. See make(def.21 a). d. complete, finish; conclude, settle, decide, e. settle differences, reconcile, come to terms, come to an understanding, bury the hatchet, f. powder, rouge, use mascara, use eyeshadow, put on lipstick.
32. make up to
a.Informal. fawn on, Sl. fall all over, truckle to, toady to, Sl. play up to, Sl. shine up to, Inf. be a yes man to, Inf. apple-polish, Inf. butter up.b. make advances, flirt with, make eyes at, cast sheep's eyes at, make calf eyes at.
33. make water
urinate, Sl. pee.
34. make way
allow to pass; clear the way, make a space for, make room for.
35. form, build, construction, structure, shape, configuration; composition, make-up, fabric, texture.
36. kind, brand, sort, type; mark, stamp, label, trademark; quality, grade, class.
37. character, nature, disposition, temper, tempera ment, humor; manner, style.
38. on the make
a.Informal. increasing, adding to; advancing, rising, on the rise, up and coming.b.Slang. on the prowl, Sl. mashing, Sl. tomcatting, hustling.

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